Available maine coon kittens

Maine Coon kittens. Litter N (31.03.2018)


черепаховая кошка мейн-кун черный мейн-кун

Dam: Ch (WCF) Bella Bear Blackwood's

Color: f2203

Sir: Admiral Yaroslavskaya Gordost

Color: n

Maine Coon kittens:

Maine Coon female n22

Female Naomi King Size 

Color: Black blotched (MCO n22) 

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Maine coon kittens. Litter M (11.12.2017)


кошка мейн-кун Ярославль мейн-кун Ярославль

Dam: Makeydi Blackwood's

Color: MCO n(s?)

Sir:  GICh (WCF) Loki King Size

Color: MCO n 22 03

Maine Coon kittens:

We have maine coon kittens. One black smoky male (MCO ns) and  3 females: black with white (MCO n09), black smoky bicolour (MCO ns 03), black blotched bicolour (MCO n 22 03)

мейн-кун кошечка черная Ярославль

Female Mafia King Size 

Color: black w/white (MCO n09)


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black smoke bicolor maine coon kittens

female Melody King Size 

Color: black silver bicolour (MCO ns03)


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black blotched bicolor maine coon kitten

Female Margo King Size 

Color: black botched bicolour (MCO n22 03)


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black smoke maine coon kitten male

Male Marcus King Size 

Color: black smoky (MCO ns)


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About reserve

Kittens leave cattery at the age of 12 weeks, vaccinated twice, accustomed to the tray and kittens, fully socialized.

All kittens, regardless of class, are sold with the pedigree or metric, veterinary passport stamped on vaccinations, contract of sale kitten maine coon.

Maine Coon kittens that are sold without breeding rights leave cattery neutered/ spayed.
All transport costs are borne by the Buyer.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten Maine coon no explanation.

If, after making reserve for any reason Buyer changed his mind to buy a kitten Maine Coon, the reserve would not be refunded.

Available- kitten looking for a new home, you may be interested in it.

Option - someone is interested in a kitten, but the deposit is not listed. Perhaps the kitten will be free. You can still be interested in it.

Reserve - a kitten made ​​a deposit. But maybe it will still be free.

Sold - a kitten entered the full amount signed contract and he moved into a new house.