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Desember 2012

Our offsprings Gaston King Size celebrates his birthday.

In the new house Gaston is called Max. Because he is Max. 02 December 2012 Max was a year old, and that's how celebrated this significant event.

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Septenber 2012

We took part in international cat show Alisa-best Yaroslavl. Our Lavrusha has closed a title of the Champion and opened the title of International Champion.

Also in the big competition N Lilletun''s Love Me Tender became Best Opposit Sex 1st day of the cats show.

Maine Coot tortie

All show results N Lilletun's Love Me Tender

Aufest 2012

Again the cats show.

At the last international cat show in Kostroma on August 11-12, our Сlaus has closed title Grand International Champion and opened the title of European Champion. In the course of the exhibition Сlaus became Best male, Best adult and Best of breed in Maine Coon special breed show. We are very proud of our boy!

Maine Coon blue

Our Lavrushka N' Lilletun''s Love Me Tender now grown up girl and acted in open class. CACx2. Show-results of Lavrusha here.

June 2012

We went on the nature together with the Hare and Сlaus. A few photos. It turns out that Сlaus is able to climb trees, and the Hare - no:)

May 2012

In April-May 2012 we Claus actively exhibited. In Moscow, Vladimir, Yaroslavl. Our Claus has closed a title of the International Champion and opened the title of Grand international Champion.

Maine Coon blue

You can see all to show the results of Claudius here and see new Claudius's pictures here.

April 2012

1 April fool's day, and for Claus is the first day when he can act in an adult class. This day coincided with the day of the international exhibition of cats in the city of Kostroma. We visited and  all won:) BEST OF BEST-I - a great start for further performances in adult class.

Maine Coon at cats show

All show results of DK Coogan's Claudius

February 2012

Exhibition marathon continues. We took part in the international cats show  Golden Kostroma. Claus was in Junior class, was nominated for Best in Show and became Best Opposit Junior 2nd day of the exhibition.

Maine Coon  Claudius

All show results of DK Coogan's Claudius

February 2012

We took part in international cat show Alisa-Best Yaroslavl. Our Maine Coon male DK Coogan's Claudius was in Junior class. Twice nominated for Best in Show, ranked 4th and 6th place in WCF-ring Junior, and also became Best Junior in Maine Coon special breed show.

Maine Coon blue

All show results of DK Coogan's Claudius 

January 2012

In our cattery replenishment. From the distant Norway from nursery Lilletun's came to us a new maine coon female. Lavrusha very bright cat, she quickly learned and became a full member of our family.

Thanks Lillian for our Norwegian beauty girl.

Maine Coon tortie

Personal page of N Lilletun's Love Me Tender

January 2012

Maine coon kittens were born!

Mother: Ch (WCF) Bajuncat's Gretel MCO n 22

Father: Ch (WCF) Favorite King Size MCO n 03

We have 3 maine coon kittens in this litter

More about litter H

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Yaroslavl, Russia

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