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Before a Maine Coon kitten leaves our cattery and even crosses several state borders, you must get ready for his appearance in your home.

Below you will find a list of the essentials you will need for Maine Coon kitten.

Some of them may not be sold in your country, and you will have to replace these items with similar ones that are available in your country.

Litter Box

For Maine Coon kittens we recommend large cat litter boxes  with high sides. Many Maine Coons love to dig in the litter and can throw it around. High sides will protect against a large amount of litter on the floor.

We use these litter boxes, the largest. Even a large Maine Coon will be comfortable in it.

litter box forMaine Coon litter box for Maine Coon litter box for maine coon

You may also need a litter scoop to clean the litter box.

You can also use a cat mat in front of the litter box to collect litter particles from the paws. This one for example.

cat mat

Advices. How do I help my Maine Coon kitten adapt to a new home? 

As soon as you bring the kitten home, sit the kitten into the litter box. The kitten will know where it stands.

The litter box should stand so that the kitten can easily find it, but in a secluded place. Keep the litter box away from the food bowls.

In the first days of the house, it is better to limit the kitten's space, for example, to only one room. Put in a room a litter box, bowls with food and water, and a scratching post. After the kitten adapts, it can be shown the whole house.

It happens that the kitten may refuse to use the litter box. The kitten may not like the place where it stands, or may not like the litter substrate you use. Please, have patience. The kitten has traveled several thousand miles, he can worry because everything around his is new and unfamiliar and there is no family, sisters and brothers that he is used to. If the kitten does not pee in the litter box, try to see the moment when the kitten is looking for a place to pee. Take the kitten to the litter box, make sure that the kitten pees in the litter box.

In some cases you can try to change the place the litter box sets or change a litter.

Cat litter

We use this woody clumping litter, “Cats Best”.

cat litter for Maine Coon cat litter for Maine Coon, cats best

After the kitten has peed in such a litter, small lumps are formed in it, which can be immediately disposed of. This type of litter does not require replacing the entire litter. You can add some litter to the litter box as you use it.

You can also use bentonite litter like Ever Clean or Fresh Step.

ever clean - cat litter for maine Coon fresh step cat litter for Maine Coon


Bowls for food and water

All Maine Coons have an amazing habit of digging water before drinking, so we recommend using a heavy and large bowl for the water.


bowl for Maine Coon water fontaine for Maine Coon


The rubber band on such a bowl will not allow it to slide on the floor.

You can also use a water fountain for drinking.

Water must be available at all times and must always be clean. Therefore, you need to change the water daily!

For food, choose metal or ceramic bowls. They are easy to clean, unlike plastic.

bowl  for Maine Coon bowl for Maine Coon

It is better to take separate bowls and not use double ones. It makes it easier to keep them clean.

Food for Maine Coons.

Our kittens and adult Maine Coons eat dry food "Bosh Sanabelle Kittens" and "Natural Greatness Wild Instinct"

sanabelle for catsNatural Greatness состав  ingredients

If possible, we always give this food to Maine Coon kittens with them in a new home. But this is not always possible, especially if the kitten is flying to another country or even a continent.

We can also recommend dry food Acana, Origen, Sanabelle, Monge. These are professional dry food with high protein content.

If you choose new dry food for your kitten, pay attention to the ingredients of the food. It should contain enough meat and as little cereals and other fillers as possible.

For example, in our dry food, meat make up almost 86%. This is exactly how a cat would eat in its natural environment.

Natural Greatness состав  ingredients

In addition to dry food, our Maine Coon kittens and adult cats eat raw chicken meat, including chicken hearts, stomachs, broken necks and meat without skin and bones. We also give all parts of the turkey: red and white meat, stomachs and hearts. We prefer not to give all types of liver, it causes diarrhea.

Beef and pork: all meat must be frozen at -25C or higher to kill all worms. Warm up before giving the kitten. It is better to limit pork, it is very fat for cats and should not be given very often.

We also have the opportunity to give Maine Coon kittens fresh chicks from the egg factory, it's always a lot of fun and feeding turns into a game: catch up, play, kill and eat.

We give raw meat 1-2 times a day, 100-200 gr of chicken or Turkey or other raw food per day will be enough.

It is better not to use fish as a permanent food and do not give milk at all! Cats do not digest milk, they may have an diarrhea.

Advices. How to feed a Maine Coon kitten.

Do not limit the kitten's food. Dry food should always be available to the kitten. The kitten will grow intensively up to 9-10 months and needs food with a high protein content. Surprisingly, Maine Coon kittens under the age of 10 months can eat 2 times more food than adult Maine coons.

Remember three things that should not be given to a kitten:

  • Fish as a permanent food. You can give as a treat, noble varieties, without skin and bones, 2-4 times a month.
  • Milk! The lactose contained in milk is not digested and can lead to kitten's gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Food Whiskas, Kitekat, Friskas and ect. This kind of food are absolutely not suitable as a permanent cat food. Constant feeding of such food can lead to serious diseases of the stomach, liver and can shorten the life of your kitten.

Other foods not to give your Maine Coon kitten:

  • Chocolate
  • Row chicken egg (but you can give quail eggs!)
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Tea and coffee
  • Large amounts of liver
  • Bones in any form, even cooked
  • Alcohol
  • Nuts

Scratching post

This is a mandatory element of keeping a kitten. If the kitten does not have a scratching post, it can sharpen its claws on your furniture.

In our cattery, the most popular are wall scratching posts and floor ones.

scratching post for Maine Coon scratching post for Maine Coon


Here is such a floor paper scratching post will also be a place of rest for your Maine Coon kitten.

All cats love vertical space, so if you buy this cat activity tree, it will be a great place to relax and play. Choose it with a variety of hammocks and outdoor couches. The material of such a house is better carpet, not artificial fur, and the wrapping of the columns is sisal, not jute or hemp.

activity trees for Maine Coon

Hair, ear and eye care

Normally, ear and eye care should be minimal. Do not use cotton swabs to clean the ears of kittens, it is dangerous!

The auricle can be wiped with special solutions with cotton pads.

To prevent the kitten from injuring you with sharp claws, regularly trim them. To do this, you can use special trimmers. We use this one.

nail trimmer for Maine Coon

To prevent the kitten fur from forming tangled, comb out its fur regularly, at least once a week. We use these combs for grooming.

grooming for Maine Coon

It is absolutely not necessary to wash the kitten, unless it is very dirty.

For washing, use special shampoos for cats. Human shampoos, even for children, are absolutely not suitable for cats!


You don't have to spend money on kitten toys. Turn on your imagination:)

We consider candy wrappers and receipts from the store rolled into a ball to be the best toy. The kitten will chase it, carry it in its teeth and even bring a wrapper to you, like a dog, so that you can play with it. You can also use a walnut, an empty thread reel, a ping pong or tennis ball, peanuts, an empty cardboard box of any size.

Try to keep away from the kitten: Christmas decorations, especially all the tinsel, threads, ropes, as well as all the small items that a kitten can swallow.


Keep your kitten away from open windows and balconies, especially if you live on a high floor. Maine Coon kittens are very curious, but they can't fly.

Keep all household cleaning products out of the reach of the kitten.

Some plants are dangerous for cats, and lilies are deadly. Search the Internet for a list of plants that are poisonous to cats and keep them away from the kitten, if you have them.

Heavy objects standing high can fall on the kitten and fatally injure it or make it disabled. Check that all heavy items are well secured. If you have a TV set standing on a shelf, fix it because a kitten may drop it.

We hope that this list and our recommendations will help the kitten quickly adapt to your home and make your life with a kitten the happiest!

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