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It often happens that Maine Coon kittens from our cattery leave for new homes where there is already a pet, and, sometimes, more than one.

How to properly introduce and make friends with a new pet with old ones? In fact, it is not difficult if you follow some recommendations.


Any animal, when you bring it into the house, must be quarantined. On average, it should last about 14 days. This is the incubation period of many viral diseases. Especially, this rule should apply if you brought a kitten from the street.

But even if you bought a kitten in a kennel, follow this recommendation too. Even if the kitten is visually healthy, under stress after moving (and cats are stressed just for any reason), hidden infections or diseases that should not be manifested in a normal state may worsen.

For example, mycoplasma. Almost all cats are carriers of mycoplasma, but normally it "sleeps" and manifests itself only on weakened immunity or stress.

Give the kitten a separate room. There should be bowls of food, water, a litter box and a scratching post. In 14 days, the kitten will get used to the new house and new owners, and you can start introducing it to other inhabitants of the house.

How to make a friends of two cats

First acquaintance

So, the quarantine is over, the kitten is healthy, cheerful and playful, and you can start introducing him to other pets.

The first acquaintance should take place under your supervision. Remember that the new kitten is new to the house, and your pet is an old-timer.

It is better not to push pets face to face at the first contact. Carefully take the kitten in your arms and let your pet sniff it from the back. The first reaction may be different: your pet may hiss, growl at the baby, may even hit with a paw. This is a normal reaction, and no one needs to be scolded for it.

Some owners, when a new kitten appears in the house, restrict the movements of an old-time cat - isolate it in a separate room, and the baby lives in the rest of the apartment. You don't have to do that. Show the old-timer that he is the owner of the house, and the newcomer is still a guest. I.e., the newcomer should not have an advantage in the territory over the old-timer.

Mix the smells

For cats, the sense of smell plays a very important role in communication. New smells in cats always cause alertness and tension. To speed up the procedure of acquaintance and reconciliation of the parties - mix their smells. This can be done by stroking first one, then the other. You can also use a dry or wet towel. First, stroke the kitten with a towel, then the old-timer. Thus, the smells of both pets are mixed, and the old-timer no longer perceives the smell of the newcomer as someone else's.

Feed them together

Use shared feeding as a way to get used to each other. Initially, each of the pets should have its own bowl. Place the bowls at a small distance from each other. If one of the pets shows strong aggression, put the bowls on different sides of the closed door. Gradually open the door slightly or move the bowls towards each other. A joint meal always brings cats closer:)

Maine Coon kittens feeding

Division of territory

Each of the pets should have its own recreation area. And ideally, your own trash bin. But this is not always possible. If you will use one litter box for two, then it should be cleaned frequently.

Provide each of the pets with a separate bed, shelf or house where they can retire and feel safe. All fights between cats occur due to the division of territory and during sexual hunting. Therefore, if your pets are not breeding cats, castrate them. This will not only improve their quality of life by limiting the stress associated with finding a partner and a constant hormonal surge, but also prolong their life. Many cat's diseases are hormone-dependent and can develop against the background of a constant search for a partner for mating.

We practice early neutered, so our kittens do not have such a problem. Neuter and sterilize your pets!

Playing together

Joint games are also very useful for getting to know and get used to pets to each other. Even if we are talking about adult animals, cats retain playfulness until old age. Mice, rustling balls and other cat's toys can go into action. Play with your pets more and more often.

Pheromones and other remedies

In special cases, you can use cat pheromones. There are substances that help cats to gain a sense of calm and security. For example, "Feliway" is a synthesized feline pheromone that restores well-being and normalizes the behavior of a cat in stressful situations. It is available both in bottles with a sprayer, and in the form of a diffuser that plugs into a socket.

Matatabi is a substance of plant origin (from the plant Actinidia Polygamum), which stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin in cats. It is also sometimes called Japanese catnip. The use of matatabi causes euphoria in cats, stronger than the use of valerian, but it does not have a sedative effect on the cat. The effect of matatabi lasts 15–20 minutes, at this time the cat turns, rubs against the toy with the matatabi. Matatabi powder is sprinkled on cat toys and used for stress, training to a scratching post, or to reduce aggression.


feliway  matatabi

How long will it take to make friends to your cats?

If you brought home a small kitten, the adaptation time may be 3-10 days (after quarantine, of course). If you brought an adult cat home, adaptation and getting used to each other may take a little longer, 14–20 days, after all, adult cat have already formed their characters and preferences. But in any case, do not give up. Take your time and don't force the situation. Sooner or later, if the animals do not become bosom friends, they will treat each other neutrally.

How to make a friends of two cats How to make a friends of two cats 

As for Maine Coons, they are very friendly and sociable cats. A lot of our kittens left for homes where adult cats already lived. A few days after the first acquaintance, a kitten and an adult cat behave as if they have known each other for a thousand years: they eat together, sleep in an embrace, arrange games and races around the house. Therefore, we are sure that there will be no problems in communication between a Maine Coon kitten and an adult cat.



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