News of 2011

Desember 2011

maine coon kittensMaine coon kittens were born!

Mother: Ch (WCF) Bubble King Size  MCO n 22 03

Father: E.Ch.INDU INAKI Silvi-Cola*PL MCO ns

We have 6 maine coon kittens in this litter

More about litter G

November 2011

выставка кошек мейн-кунThe first cats show of our Claus. We took part in cats show Alisa-Best Yaroslavl. The results DK Coogan's Claudius: 3 place in WCF-ring Junior, Best Kitten in Maine Coon Special breeb Show, Best Kitten!. Good beginning of show career!

All show results of DK Coogan's Claudius

November 2011

maine coonIn our cattery the new maine coon male! After a long wait came to us a new male, the Maine Coon from the Danish cattery Googan's. Claudius or just Claus accustomed very quickly. We lay on our Prince Danish high hopes. And say a huge thank Lene for the fact that it has entrusted us with this treasure.

Personal page of DK Coogan's Claudius

May 2011

May. Sun. Good weather. We go on the nature.

We decided to take with us Domino - he's Favorite King Size. This is the first release of Domino for a walk.

Climbed the trees, smell the flowers, catching flies and mosquitoes:) In General, the trip was a success:)