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Yaroslavl, Russia

Born: 16.12.2015

Color: black smoky (ns)

It so happened that Makeydi appeared in our house quite by accident. We arrived to a friendly kennel and Blackwoods and go out with Makeydi. At home we call her Manu (in the French manner). Manu quickly fit into our team, she is very curious, she is interested in everything that happens in the house and outside. Manu have excellent breeding data: muscular body, exellent head, well carried ears. But most of all it excited her coat: long, flowing, gorgeous texture, delicate to the touch. We love this girl!

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Born: 18.12.2018

Color: black blotched tabby bicolor (MCO n 22 03)

Ophelia inherited from her parents a strong body, a very wide muzzle and a real look-wild look. 

Because of her stern look and very unusual voice, we call her by the male name Dimash. But despite this, Dimash turned out to be a very gentle and caring mother for her Maine Coon kittens.

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Born: 22.11.2020

Color: black tortie smoky with white (MCO fs 09)

We have been watching this girl since her birth. And when she grew up, we decided that there was not enough such a female in our cattery, especially since our tortoiseshell girl Misha had already retired. In our house, Chanel began to be called Shishok, she turned out to be a very charismatic Maine Coon cat, with a long tail and magnificent fur.

We really hope that Chanel will give us magnificent kittens of a wide variety of colors.

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Born: 31.03.2018

Color: black blotched (MCO n22)

Naomi was the only kitten born from the mating of our Misha and the black handsome Admiral. From her father, she inherited a good profile from her mother-the height and size of the ears, a strong chin and, of course, a real Maine Coon character . At home, we call her Knopka.

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Born: 27.09.2011

Color: black marble tortie with white (f 22 03)

Love Me Tender came to us from the Norwegian cattery Lilletun's. Our Lavrusha, as we call it that way, very bright girl! She quickly learned and became a full member of our family. Lavrusha have wonderful character - one has only to look at her, she starts to purr. We express huge gratitude Lillian for this excellent Norwegian beauty girl.

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Litter A2
Date of Birth: 18.02.2022
Sir: GICh. Loki King Size | MCO n 03 22
Dame: Ch. Ofelia King Size | MCO n 03 22
There are 6 kittens in this litter
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Yaroslavl, Russia

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