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Very often I am asked the same questions about how to book and buy a Maine Coon kitten. We decided to choose the most common questions and answer them.

How to order a kitten in your cattery?

On our website, information about available kittens is always up to date. If we have available kittens - you can write to me in any of the messengers or by email.

If we don't have any kittens available at the moment, you can wait for the next litter or register on our waiting list to be guaranteed one of our Maine Coon kittens. This list is paid for and is non-refundable.

Can you contact me when you have available kittens?

I get a lot of requests for kittens, often just curious ones. Unfortunately, for organizational reasons, I can't write or call everyone who is interested in our Maine Coon kittens, but you can add our website to your favorites and with a few clicks you will know if we have available kittens. You can also write to me in messengers and find out if there are currently available Maine Coon kittens.

Do you have a waiting list?

For some time now, we have been keeping such a list. You can register on the waiting list to get a guaranteed kitten from our cattery. This registration is paid and non-refundable. I ask you to trust me in choosing a kitten with the criteria you need-gender, color, class, which we will discuss with you beforehand.

How to reserve a kitten in your cattery?

If you are contacting us for the first time for Maine Coon adoption, please let us know where you are from (country, city) and what kind of kitten you are looking for - for breeding or as a pet. We don't sell kittens for resale, so if you are a reseller, look for a kitten in another cattery. Be ready to tell us about your family and experience of keeping cats, whether you have other pets, in what conditions our kitten will live. Sometimes we may ask for a video of your home, be prepared for that.

When I can make a deposit for a kitten?

We start accepting the deposit when the kittens are 1.5-2 months old. Before that, we sign a contract, a sample of which can be viewed here.

How much do Maine Coon kittens cost in your cattery?

The kitten's price depends on Maine Coon kitten class (for breeding or as a pet), gender and color. You can always ask me about the price of the kitten you are interested in by email or via messengers.

What is the difference between pet and kittens with breeding rights?

Not all kittens from the litter can continue breeding activities. This is worthy of the best kittens with outstanding characteristics that fully meet the Maine Coon breed standard. But this does not mean that a kitten without the breeding rights is bad or has any defect. As breeders, we pay attention to such details as the size and ears' setting, profile, fullness of the chin, muzzles, the body proportions, the length of the tail, nose and limbs etc. A kitten can have an excellent set of ears, but not a long enough body, or an excellent chin, but "wide setting" and small ears. Such kittens can be called "average" - they will grow into large and friendly Maine Coons, but they do not represent a special breeding value.

Pet kittens also grow up to be big and friendly Maine Coons.

Kittens that are sold as pets leave the cattery neutered and spayed.

Is there a difference between a male and female?

The difference is in size and price, not in character. Maine Coon is a breed where males are significantly larger than females and this can be seen already at the age of 3 months. Just as males as pets will cost a little more than females. If a kitten is bought with breeding rights, the price for males and females will not differ.

Both Maine Coon males and females are equally friendly, active, playful, sociable.

What documents will the kitten have?

Each kitten will have all the documents he needs:

  • WCF pedigree;
  • International veterinary certificate (veterinary passport);
  • Maine Coon kitten Purchase Contract;
  • Transfer to the new owner;

Оnly the presence of a pedigree is a guarantee that you buy a purebred Maine Coon kitten.

These documents are sent together with the kitten. Sometimes the pedigree is not accepted for sending along with the kitten, then I send the pedigree by post.

At what age is the kitten ready to travel to a new home?

The kitten is ready to travel to another country after being vaccinated against rabies and quarantined after vaccination. According to the rules, the kitten is vaccinated at the age of 3 months, the quarantine after vaccination is 30 days. Therefore, the kitten is ready to travel to another country at the age of more than 4 months.

What vaccinations and tests does the kitten get?

Each kitten will be dewormed, vaccinated with an antiviral vaccine, vaccinated against rabies, and will have a microchip. All this will be reflected in his veterinary passport.

How to organize the delivery of a kitten to my country?

Rules for importing animals from Russia.

Each country has its own rules for importing animals from Russia. For example, when imported to China, the kitten must have a rabies antibody test report. For Norway - only the new owner can import a kitten to Norway.

It will be better if you independently find out the rules for importing animals to your country.

Delivery options and courier:

You can come to Russia for a kitten yourself, find a courier yourself, or trust us to find a courier.

There are several options for delivering a kitten:

  • unescorted cargo delivery;
  • delivery in the air cabin with an accompaniment;
  • delivery by car.

Prices for delivery to different countries and different modes of transport differ from each other. Unfortunately, we can't know all the prices for shipping all types of transport to your country. In addition, prices may change in accordance with the airline's pricing policy.

On average, the price for the kitten's delivery starts from 800 euros in Europe, from $900 to US.

Country Features of importing animals and additional payments
USA Cargo delivery: The additional fee at the airport is about $100-200
Canada Cargo delivery: The additional fee at the airport. In addition to the shipping cost, you will need to hire a broker for customs clearance of the kitten. The broker's services will cost you about $300.
UK Cargo delivery:  In addition to the shipping cost, you will need to hire a broker for customs clearance of the kitten. The broker's services will cost you about 650 pounds.
Europe Cargo delivery: In most countries, you will need to pay VAT on the kitten and terminal payments and veterinary payments when you receive the kitten
Norway You can't use courier or cargo delivery services. Only the owner (buyer) can import the kitten to Norway
UAE A rabies antibody test report is required, and this test is performed one month after the rabies vaccination. After this test, a quarantine period of 3 months is required. Thus, the kitten can go from Russia to Dubai only at 7-8 months old.  
China A rabies antibody test report is required, and this test is performed one month after the rabies vaccination.
Kuwait Import permit is required from the buyer.
Australia Unfortunately, there is no direct way to deliver a kitten from Russia to Australia. It needs to put the kitten in quarantine in one of the European countries for 6 months.  
Hong Kong (Taiwan) Import permit is required from the buyer.  A rabies antibody test report is required. The kitten must be quarantined for 180 days after vaccination against rabies. Therefore, a kitten can arrive in Hong Kong only at the age of over 10 months.
Japan Import permit is required from the buyer. A rabies antibody test report is required. The kitten must be quarantined for 180 days after vaccination against rabies. Therefore, a kitten can arrive in Japan only at the age of over 10 months.
Singapore Import permit is required from the buyer. A rabies antibody test report is required. The kitten must be quarantined for 180 days after vaccination against rabies. Therefore, a kitten can arrive in Singapore only at the age of over 10 months.  
India Import permit is required - No Objection Certificate (NOC). Sample here

We will add countries and conditions for importing animals to them.

What additional expenses I may have?

We test our adult cats and kittens on HCM. If you need other genetic tests, we will do them at your expense.

Some countries require testing for rabies antibodies. We do this test at the buyer's expense.

In some countries, you will have to pay tax and pay customs fees for custom cleaning when you receive the kitten.

How to prepare for the appearance of a kitten in my home?

I wrote a large instruction what you need to buy for a Maine Coon kitten before he arrives in a new home. There you will find everything that the kitten eats in the cattery, what kind of litter substrate and litter box he uses, some tips and much more.

We have a dog or other cat in our house. How will the Maine Coon kitten get along with them?

The first time after the arrival of the kitten, isolate him for 14 days from other animals. During this time, the kitten will be able to adapt to you and to the new home and will be ready to meet your other pets. Maine Coon kittens is excellent along with dogs and cats. There are decorative rats in our house, and our kittens even get along with them.

I made a deposit, but then changed my mind about buying a kitten.

The deposit can be paid back only if something has happened to the kitten, and he cannot become your pet. If you change your mind to buy a kitten for your own reason - the deposit is not refunded.

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