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Yaroslavl, Russia

Litter Z
Date of Birth: 15.02.2022
Sir: Venom King Size | MCO ns 22
Dame: Naomi King Size | MCO n 22
There are 3 kittens in this litter


Maine Coon female black tabby blotched Maine Coon Russia, black silver tabby blothced Maine Coon

Dame: Naomi King Size

Color: black blotched tabby | MCO n 22

Sir:  Venom King Size

Color: Balck silver blotched tabby | MCO ns 22

Maine Coon kittens:

Maine Coon kitten black Russia

Female Zena King Size

Color: MCO n (black)

Sold for Alexander | Russia

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Maine Coon black smoky Russia, Maine Coon kitten Russia

Female Zoe King Size

Color: MCO ns (black smoky)

Sold for Kseniya | Russia

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Maine Coon kitten Russia black tabby blotched

Female Zendeya King Size

Color: MCO n 22 (black tabby blotched)

Sold for Zinaida | Russia

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Maine Coon kitten's Photos and Video. Litter Z

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Yaroslavl, Russia

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