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Yaroslavl, Russia

We are interested in how to grow our offsprings. It is interesting to observe the process of turning a small kitten in a large and reputable Maine Coon. On this page we will publish photo of our offsprings, so you can watch this process too :)

Yago King Size | Litter Y 

He lives across the ocean from us in America. He and his owner Debbie have become real friends, and they have a lot of common things and adventures.

Walt King Size | Litter W 

When you still think you're a little boy and can sit on your mom's neck. 

Watson King Size | Litter W

Unique King Size | Litter U

Unique now lives on the other side of the world, in warm and sunny Ecuador. He has a wonderful family and loving parents. In addition to our boy, there are 3 cats and a dog in the family. Everyone has fun!

Uranus King Size | Litter U

Uranus lives in the USA, he changed his name to Finnegan, and he has his own Instagram, where his owners share with us how our boy is growing. And there is also a friend - a beautiful red cat, Oliver.

Ulisses King Size | Litter U

Ulysses lives in the UK. He grew up a big cat, at the age of 1.5 years, weighs about 8 kg., and he still has to grow and grow. His Instagram.

Uno King Size | Litter U 

Our boy Uno lives in two Russian cities: Vologda and Lipetsk. He is already used to regular car rides and feels quite comfortable on the road, even enjoys traveling. In Lipetsk, Uno lives in a large house, where you can safely walk on the street, which is what our boy is doing.

Spice King Size | Litter S

Boy Spice went to a family where a baby was just born, they grew up together: a child and a kitten. In the new house, his name is Silya and he really wants to travel. When the owners pack their suitcases, he always gets into them, hoping that they will take him to a trip :)

Rhapsody King Size | Litter R

Silver Maine Coon girl Rhapsody left our cattery quite recently. She has a huge fluffy collar and tail! In her new home, she has her own cat house and enough space to run, play and please her family.

Mafia King Size | Litter M

Black-black Mafia stayed with us. Now she is spayed and has become a big and shaggy Maine Coon. Weighs 7.5 kg and has a gorgeous thick coat. And the temper of real Maine Coon, of course:)

Ingenious King Size | Litter I

Ingenious (and at home he called Dodik) lives in Yaroslavl. The other day we received pictures from his new owners. Thank you Michael and Julia photo.

Happiness King Size (помет H)

In our house, Happiness was called Batman-Girl. Now she lives in Yaroslavl in Anna's family called Trisha. This girl Maine Coon grew a real beauty!

Greenwich King Size (litter G)

Greenwich has left from us, in Nizhnekamsk. I want to say a special thanks to Dmitry for what shall regularly report to us about the life of our boy. We are incredibly pleased that we are not forgotten. Dmitry, thank you!

Gaston King Size (litter G)

In the new house Gaston is called Max. Because he is Max. 02 December 2012 Max was a year old, and you cat see  how his family celebrated  this momentous event.

Gipsy King Size (litter G)

People often ask how the Maine Coon get along with dogs. You can see maine coon  and dog in photo:  Gipsy-Zbyszek and his new friend.

Fantomas King Size (litter F)

Isa- so call now our Fantomas in the new house. He lives n Moscow together with his owner Alexandra, they writes us letters and sending pictures.

Focus King Size (litter F)

The Focus lives not far from us, in Uglich. The boy very much has grown, matured and weighs 9600 kg Thanks to his owner Olya, that does not forget us!

Elvise King Size (litter E)

Elvis has left us recently, and the process of turning into a strong Maine Coon is not finished yet :)

Deny King Size (litter D)

Our Denic lives in to Vladimir, it weighs about 8 pounds, takes part in cats show, receives the titles and the audience award.

Dastin King Size (litter D)

Dustin lives in Yaroslavl, in a family that loves and cares about our boy:)

Darling King Size (litter D)

Darik our lives in Moscow, in a very close-knit family. Thank you for not forgetting to write parents :)

Chealsy from King Size (litter C)

Chelsy is our alimony kitten in the world her name is Tigra, she stayed to live in Yaroslavl. Tigra has grown large cat, sometimes she comes to visit us with his owner, for which we are very grateful to them and are always glad to see them!

Bruno King Size (litter B)

Bruno lives far, far away in the distant Nakhodka, but this does not interfere with his owner Masha and her family to delight us with new photos of our boy!

Beautifull Lady King Size (litter B)

Cat Maine Coon , color black blotched tabby with whitee. Beauty went to Moscow, she is now a big cat and even mom.

Akira King Size (litter A)

Maine coon cat black color. Lives in Moscow. Akira have a friend, too Maine Coon, so he and his owner does not have to be bored.

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Yaroslavl, Russia

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