GICh Lioncoon Henry

Мейн-куны в Ярославле

Maine Coon male

Born: 13.07.2007

Color: black blotched with white (MCO n 22 03)

The Maine Coon male Henry has arrived to us from cattery Lioncoon. When we first met we were surprised by his huge ears and incredibly long hind legs. He was so like a little rabbit that the house we started to call him so. Our Henry has a very strong body and, he's body have  right proportions. The Henry had a very bright marble figure in harmonious combination with white. Henry - naughty boy, can not tolerate loneliness. He always wants to be the center of attention. However, our boy  is very even-tempered and good-natured. He is a real Maine-Coon!

HCM-test: N/N

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