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Yaroslavl, Russia

Gans Our Joy

MCO ns

GICh. Viking Ludique Espirit

MCO ns

WCh Summerplace Proud Pirat

MCO n 24

Summerplace El Cappo MCO d

Alouka Fabienne MCO ns 22

Baccanera Fur Fur Dreaming

MCO ns

GICh. Familysilver Zigzag MCO ns 03

Ch Creme de Cassing Ludique Espirit MCO f 22

Neada from Tassel Magic

MCO d 02

RU*Respectcoon Depeche Mode

MCO d 01

RU*Respectcoon Lucky Time MCO n 03

RU*Respectcoon Avalanche MCO fs 02 21

Norty-Torty from Tassel Magic


Pillowtalk's Jaguar MCO n

Pillowtalk's Hispaniola MCO f

Lafee of Glamour Giants

MCO f 09

GICh Korsak

MCO ds 23

Ch Germancoonluck Zevs


Nelson Blackwood's  MCO es
Germancoonluck Uma MCO w

Ch Arisha

MCO fs 09 22

GICh Erik MCO d 09 22
Ch Calipso Gentle-Predator MCO gs

Ch Glamyrka

MCO fs

Ch DarMax Faraon


Ch Icy Family Stars MCO a

DarMax Berbie MCO a 22

Ch Gilvan Dalida

MCO w 62

GICh Red Hot Chilly Pepper Gonsior Line*RU MCO d 22

Vittory Idea MCO w 62

Available Maine Coon kittens

Litter D2
Date of Birth: 16.02.2023
Sir: Venom King Size | MCO ns 22
Dame: Ofelia King Size | MCO n 03 22
There are 6 kittens in this litter
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Yaroslavl, Russia

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