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Yaroslavl, Russia

Ch. Richard The Lion Heart

MCO ns

GICh Archibald


WCh. Y'Rad Hot Pepper Domino

MCO d23

Ch. Midas of Domino MCO ds22

ICh Fin*CHerry's Maine Abena MCO f 

Ch. Helga Miliy Drug

MCO n23

Ch. Thecathut Silvester MCO n22

Ch. Kiricoon's Alina MCO n233

Ch. Country Gulliver's Kamila Best 

MCO as22

Ch. Langstteich's H'Extra Class Blue

MCO as

Langstteich's P'Wild Blue Hurricane MCO as

Langstteich's P'Elektra MCO as22 

Ch. Country Gulliver's Norma Best

MCO n22

Langstteich's Bel' Roma MCO ns

GICh Country Gulliver's Afina Best MCO ns22

Ch. Bella Bear Blackwood's

Lars BlackWood`s

MCO n 22


ECh Indu-Inaki Silvi-Cola*PL

MCO ns 

Zak-ah-ree  Silvi-Cola*PL MCO d 22 
Umeka Una  Silvi-Cola*PL MCO fs

Bajuncat's Russia

MCO a 22

QGCA RW (TICA) Bajuncat's Anton From Alescoon MCO a 22
I.CH (WCF), CH (TICA) Aloa's Lunar Sonata MCO f 22

Princess Diamond World King

MCO f 22 03

Eastwood Millenium Snow

MCO w62

Ru'eastwood Compliment MCO ds 22 03
LIoncoon Sweet Dream MCO w 62

Doubli Whisky Respectcoon


Landstteich’s S`rapid MCO e
Pillowtalk’s Energie Of Live MCO n 22 03

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Yaroslavl, Russia

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