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Yaroslavl, Russia

Admiral Yaroslavskaya Gordost


GICh Giorgio Armani Silver

MCO ns 24

GICh Iglesias Gentle of Coonparty*RU

MCO ns

Ch. Attabpy Asterix of Coonparty*RU MCO ns

ICh Alwaro Hilton

Ch Fox-Dagira

MCO n 22

ICh Bajuncat's Voevoda Moroz MCO a 23

GICh. Victoria Delightful Orchid MCO f 23

S.Valkiria Volgo-Don-Coon

MCO n23

Hand Lynx Volgo-Don-Coon

MCO n23

Aragon Volgo-Don-Coon MCO n22

Unika-Uslada from Volgo-Don-Coon MCO n 21

Rainbow Volgo-Don-Coon

MCO n 23

ICh Homelynx Clutching Luck MCO n22
Unika-Uslada from Volgo-Don-Coon MCO n 21

Ch. Bella Bear Blackwood's

MCO f 03 22

LARS BlackWood`s

MCO n 22


ECh Indu-inaki Silvi-Cola*PL

MCO ns 

Zak-ah-ree  Silvi-Cola*PL MCO d 22 
Umeka Una  Silvi-Cola*PL MCO fs

Bajuncat's Russia

MCO a 22

QGCA RW (TICA) Bajuncat's Anton From Alescoon MCO a 22
I.CH (WCF), CH (TICA) Aloa's Lunar Sonata MCO f 22

Princess Diamond World King

MCO f 22 03

Eastwood Millenium Snow

MCO w62

Ru'eastwood Compliment MCO ds 22 03
Lioncoon Sweet Dream MCO w 62

Doubli Whisky Respectcoon


Landstteich’s S`Rapid MCO e
Pillowtalk’s Energie Of Live MCO n 22 03

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Yaroslavl, Russia

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